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We Are the Area Rug Cleaning Specialists

Whole room carpets are not the only thing that need care and cleaning – your area rug needs special attention as well.

This is why A Advanced has invested in the tools and expertise needed to clean your home or businesses area rugs. Our area rug spa process incorporates eight steps to thoroughly care for and clean your area rugs.

Here are the steps:

  1. Inspection to see if repairs are needed and determine the best cleaning process.
  2. Test for fugitive dyes – This helps to ensure any cleaning we do will not affect the integrity of the dyes in your rug.
  3. Dusting, A thorough dusting is one of the most important steps to giving your area rug a truly deep cleaning. We use a patented “Rug Badger” system for maximum dry soil removal.
  4. Shampoo front and back of your area rug.
  5. Rinse and extract moisture and cleaning solutions from the rug.
  6. Hand cleaning of the fringe.
  7. Placing your area rugs in our drying room.
  8. Hand clean any residual problem areas or spots the following day and hand clean any remaining areas.
  9. Vacuum and carfully wrap your area rugs.

Optional but highly recommended, Our final step is to apply a “Wool Safe” protective finish.  We apply this to most of the area rugs that we clean.

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